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December 14th

Ken, their lovely postie, is striking.

When they say that Santa might be delayed this year, the children shrug. They’re Covid-kids. They expect disappointment.

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December 13th

Her dad used to soak unmarked stamps from Christmas card envelops to reuse. “These days, the UV franking machines know. Another joy they’ve stolen.”

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December 12th

Paulette always buys New Berry Fruits for her mother-in-law. Brenda doesn’t like them, never has, but she won’t say anything. It’s been too long.

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December 11th

 “Celebs who died in 2022.” Jenny is re-saddened remembering Hilary Mantel, Dennis Waterman and the guy from Depeche Mode. Not forgetting Bridget the Midget.

December 10, 2022 § 1 Comment

December 10th

“Don’t try to console us with your dumb short story bollocks,” they say, heads in hands.

“Fair enough,” she says. “I’ll get my coat.”

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December 9th

At Weight Watchers, they say how hard it is at Christmas. Ashley agrees and treats herself to a Celebrations McFlurry® on the way home.

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December 8th

In a corridor, on a trolley, Vince waits. To fill the time, he starts counting back through Grand National winners. Noble Yeats; Minella Times…

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December 7th

Marie takes a sip.

“My first £4.00 coffee,” she says.

“I blame the Russians,” says Ben.

“And the Tories.”

“Of course, always the Tories.”

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December 6th

The Minster says, “Cut bills. Put foil behind your radiators.”

His Zoom background is a cosy study and a Union flag.

No obvious foil.

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December 5th

From the office Secret Santa, Remi hopes for diazepam and a miniature brandy. After the year she’s had, a scented candle just won’t do.

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