Friends and Not Sleeping

September 19, 2011 § 3 Comments

It’s not proving a problem to keep busy. In part, this is due to lovely people keeping in touch, asking me for lunch and coffee, to go for a manicure or meet for early dinner (medium or late dinner, not such a great idea due to falling asleep). Thus…


Realising that I haven’t seen enough of people I like over recent years, that what’s going on encourages friends to be in touch and for me to give them news back. It’s a nice thing. Please keep doing it.

In another way, keeping busy is easier when you’re tired. You need less to have happened in a day in order to have been busy. At the moment – one week in – tiredness and feeling tummy odd (like I have indigestion up to my ears) – are the main post-chemo issues. Tricky to say how much the tiredness is due to chemo and how much to sweaty nights: probably a little of both.

Lack of sleep is new to me, well, new since @rex3000 started to sleep through the night, which in some ways feels like only yesterday. I’ve sometimes had difficulty dropping off, but listening to bad thrillers or the Radio 4 John le Carré dramatisations has usually cured that (because I love Simon Russell Beale’s voice, not because they are boring). Now I am waking up three and four times, and then not falling back to sleep.  It’s not the end of the world because I’m not going to work so there isn’t a pressure to be up, smart, thinking and out. Probably not good for RMD, all my tossing and turning, covers off and on, not to mention the horrific alien odour my body is producing – fresh pjs every night. As always, he is being very stoical and maintaining it isn’t bothering him.

Discussing with friends, I realise that not sleeping through the night is really, really common, for all kinds of reasons. I wish I’d known that before as I’d have been more appreciative. Now, I wonder if the days of waking up and feeling that sleep has done its job – i.e. refreshing, energising, repairing – are gone for good. Next step, old person waking at 5am to Hoover the house and do word searches.

Sorry, this was more about not being busy than being busy. Will be busier next time.

Also, RMD has a bite on his leg. Lest we forget.

§ 3 Responses to Friends and Not Sleeping

  • Midnite not helping then I guess. Sorry to hear that. Not sleeping is the worst thing, and that’s coming from someone who has never had kids and hasn’t had had more than a couple consecutive nights insomnia in her life. I really hope it passes soon. Don’t forget friends in other time zones very useful for middle of the night catch up chats.

  • Suze says:

    Anne, you can always text me in the middle of your night! 5038169640 – I’ve just caught up with your blog….. xxx thinking of you.

    • Thanks. May take you up on that. It is kind of comforting to think of other people somewhere else who are up and doing things.
      Hope all is well with you. Very lovely to hear from you.

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